I'd like to evaluate 3-4 instruments on one price chart. For example:

  • Stock A: 90,05 90,15 90,25 90,09
  • Stock B: 0,0045 0,0049 0,0039 0,0040
  • Stock C: 1998,1 1998,7 1998,8 1997

I try to use:

  • Ln(close) - too different values, to put them on one chart, same results with Close(0)-Average(10)
  • returns Close(0)-Close(-1), (Close(0)-Close(-1))*100/Close(-1) - deviations are too small for evaluating returns charts Is there any way to normalize different price data on one Y axis to get look like this 3 stocks on one chart

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have you tried to rebase the timeseries? if the start and end dates are same, you could basically have 100*(1+returns). easy to then plot either directly or log of the new time series.


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