For black box testing, I was hoping that I could replicate the ADX + DI+ and DI- indicators that are provided in trading platforms such as ThinkOrSwim, ScottradeElite etc.

However, I noticed that even after applying the formula I found on WikiPedia, I noticed that initially calculated data tends to be off by a large margin when compared to ThinkOrSwim or ScottradeElite.

Example spreadsheet is based on HIMX @ Google Drive. In the spreadsheet, you will see the ADX + DI oscillators that I calculated. Here is the screenshot of my calculated ADX + DI HIMX in self calculated spreadsheet

Below is the screenshot based on ScottradeElite and ThinkOrSwim for HIMX HIMX in ScottradeElite HIMX in ThinkOrSwim

The period for the ADX & DI are 14 periods.

I have been spending countless hours, trying to figure out why my calculated results would deviate from the existing trading platforms. However, I have not been able to spot mistake. Can anyone help me out by pointing out what I am missing? Thanks a bunch!


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I think wiki calculated upon new way and your excel calculated upon Wilder way (Wilder book).

I have same issue when use both method. Look like new Metastock 5 software offer both method.

  • $\begingroup$ Which part is the new way? Because I did state that I applied what I found from the Wiki? $\endgroup$ – Antony May 21 '15 at 1:44

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