When faced with a black box trading strategy with extensive historical data available, how would one select/construct a representative benchmark?

As a trivial example, when a strategy historically consists only of long trades on tech stock, the Nasdaq Composite index might be a suitable benchmark.

What about benchmarks for strategies that do not exhibit such clear tendencies in the types of trades they perform?

I can imagine constructing a composite benchmark would be appropriate. Which guidelines/ frameworks/methodologies are applicable?


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Clearly, it's much more difficult than for a white-box strategy.

But you still have some information:

  • What is the return profile?
  • What is the average holding period?
  • Does it go long/short?
  • What assets are traded?

Now you can choose a benchmark of an index that matches these criteria as closely as possible. If an appropriate benchmark doesn't exist, then you can create one: produce a very simple model that characterizes the return profile and run it as your own index (just for benchmarking purposes).


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