I am using IBPy to get the positions of my portfolio. I understand that I can do:

from ib.opt import ibConnection
tws = ibConnection( host = 'localhost',port= 7496, clientId = 123)

and then I am supposed to use updatePortfolio() in some way, but I don't know how.


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The IB API calls your code asynchronously when there are account updates after you have called reqAccountUpdates. But you have to provide a callback function (handler) for the IB API to call.

Looks like from the [ibPy documentation example] (https://code.google.com/p/ibpy/wiki/IbPyOptional) and how the Java IB API is defined, you want to call


where your_update_handler is a function you define to handle account updates.

You probably need to look through the ibPy code to confirm 'updatePortfolio' is indeed what should be passed to tws.register.


Interactive Brokers posted a recorded webinar at youtube on Dec 13 2016. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hogXB07OJ_I The topic is to use IBridgePy, a flexiable and easy-to-use python tool to trade at IB. You can easily get the positions in IBridgePy.

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