For example, if a company reports earnings today after the close (6/24), the earnings date would be 6/24 but the field I'm looking for would be 6/25. If they reported tomorrow before the open, both fields would be 6/25. If they reported this Friday 6/26 after the close, this field would be Monday 6/29.

BB obviously has this since they show day 1 price reaction (on ERN for example) but can't tell me how to get it as a single field.

(This would be for US stocks, mainly earnings and offerings.)


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HELP HELP can probably help you on this. But as far as I know there isn't a field that has this information. You can probably calculate it.

You could retrieve the content of the EARN_ANN_DT_TIME_HIST_WITH_EPS field - it contains dates and times of earning releases.

Alternatively you could use the EXPECTED_REPORT_TIME which has a EQY_FUND_RELATIVE_PERIOD override if you need past data.

You can then compare the times with the trading hours for the stock.


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