I have to build a model portfolio from the data of a portfolio composed of bonds from Emerging Markets accounted in $ (So exclusively corporate bonds from emerging markets).

Do you have any documentation to realize this task ?

I began to do a breakdown with the ratings of the bonds but then I do not know where to head this analysis.

My final goal is to study the currency risks of that portfolio ..


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  • $\begingroup$ My aim is to build a portfolio "type" or "model" in which you have the main characteristics of the real portfolio which is constantly changing. I do not know how to effectively create this portfolio model, in fact, and I am looking for advice and documentation from practitioners, to do this task step by step. When I will have this portfolio model, I have to create simulations (with variables changing, such as exchange rate EUR/USD, interest rates, etc..) to see the effects on the performance of the portfolio. I hope it is clearer. Gautier $\endgroup$ – Gautier Oct 27 '15 at 8:27