I can retrieve the components But I would like 2 retrieve the Index RIC by the sector scheme Code for Both GCIS and TRBC. I would really like 2 get my hands on the components for the Dow Jones sectors / ICB I have them for NYSE but would like the other exchanges. :) This Finds the Components

RCSIssuerCountryGenealogy   'M:A9/G:6J' 
PriceClose  >5.00
GicsName    'Financials'
IsPrimaryRIC    Yes
Row 1262

This Finds the Sector Scheme and code for groupings

=TR(OFFSET($C2,0,0,B6,1),"TR.GICSSector; TR.GICSSectorCode;
    TR.GICSIndustryGroup; TR.GICSIndustryGroupCode; TR.GICSIndustry; 
    TR.GICSIndustryCode; TR.GICSSubIndustry; TR.GICSSubIndustryCode
    ","CH=Fd RH=IN",E1)

The problem is how do U retrieve the index ric for GICSIndustryGroupCode or GICSIndustryGroup

I found a list of the GCIS symbols broken down by Sectors, Industry Groups, Industries and Sub-Industries But they are EOD symbols :(


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