It's been a while that quantum computing is looked as the next step in computational science. I somewhat always tought we were decade aways from it's happening but it appears I was wrong: ibm-quantum-computing-cloud (well, i am still not sure this is a large scale quantum computer or an efficient quantum computer replication; edit: changed the link; it is a simulator)

Quantum mechanics and quantitative finance were already linked by some powerfull tools (ex. Random matrix theory (RMT) in finance) or shady reasonments (Quantum Mechanics and Economics... What) but I did not really considered quantum mechanics as the next step of QF. For a long time papers I could find on the topic were either quantum mechanics oriented (see Path_integral_formulation and links) or 'poor' in term of quantitative finance (see Quantum_finance and links).

Now i can find more interesting papers (currently at work, will post the relevant paper later) and am somewhat convinced that quantum computing could be a huge step ahead in both optimization and simulation and so in quantitative finance.

I am now looking for some good sources (keep in mind the aim is 3.), i don't necessarly need to go trough all quantum mechanics again) on

  1. quantum mechanics
  2. quantum computing
  3. quantum computing applied to quantitative finance

Try Quantum for Quants, which has contributions from people working actively in quantum computing, and some small scale examples solved on the D-Wave Systems Quantum Annealer.

The picture below is from an article on Finding Arbitrage Opportunities using a Quantum Annealer (the link is on the Q4Q main page). The annealer can solve certain graph theory problems very quickly, including those with multiple constraints on traversing the edges, so that calculations with multi-legged instruments are easier to manage.

enter image description here


For #1 and #2 I really enjoyed this Edx course from UC Berkeley:

Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation

And for #3 you seem to have the sources already :)


It appears that a springer book has been released on the topic : https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-981-32-9796-8. It covers both theory and applications of quantum computing to finance. Without having read all of it, it seems to be a serious (but expensive) source on the matter.


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