I'm currently trying to figure out how to use data from Bloomberg to create some analysis on a company's performance using Excel/R.

How can I find the Forward 12m EPS Growth, its 1m Earning Revision and 3m Earning Revision?

Question 1: Is the Forward 12m EPS Growth obtained directly using the field BEST_EPS_YOY_GTH?

Question 2: How then do we find the 1m Earning Revision and 3m Earning Revision?


There is no direct way to estimate Forward 12m EPS Growth using a single bloomberg formula with overrides. BEST_EPS_YOY_GTH does not allow BF overrides, only FY. Therefore you cannot keep 12m horizon constant. One solution would be to get BEST_EPS with BF1 override and compare this number with current EPS. For historical analysis, retrieve historical EPS vector and compare it with BEST_EPS.

With respect to Earnings revisions you simply have to estimate the chg in BEST_EPS over any specified period (1mo,3mo etc.).


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