I have a time series (vector) representing the evolution of a stock price over time. I am looking for a program/library that can generate a matrix containing as many technical indicators as possible. Which publicly available program/library can do that?

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From http://qr.ae/TbcrXL:

Phil Newton's answer:

Most modern charting packages can do this.

  • Meta trader.
  • Ninja trader.
  • Multi Charts.
  • Tradestation.

Naoya Yamaguchi's answer:

And Ninja trader is free. You can also program more indicators into it, using C#. This means a great collection of .NET assemblies, including Deep Learning assemblies like Accord, are available to you, too!


I did the search by myself some time ago and couldn't find much that is readily available (in the sense that you can directly use it in a Python program, say). The closest I found find is the following library:

TA-Lib : Technical Analysis Library

It's a bit dated, however, with the latest release being published in 2007.


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