Following the manual, I have built an Open Risk Engine library and I would like to learn the library by modifying examples that come together with the library.

Question: How to run, for instance, Example_1 of the ORE library not in excel, by calling ore.exe, but the original code in the debug mode at the Visual Studio?

The problem is: I am not sure if I can/(how to) change the process used for simulation of the Interest Rate from LGM to for e.g. HW 1F, LMM, Heston, ... and, in general, I would like to know what are the already supported options of the ORE library and how can I modify them.

I have found an oreapp.cpp file in app of OREAnalytics project which, I believe, can be used here. However, I do not know QuantLib and C++, therefore some good basic example of a launchble project with similar outcome as a result of Example_1.xlam will be much appreciated.


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