I'm trying to follow the case study here and wasn't able to get the same discounted cash flow table as is shown in step 3 under Part II. bootstrap discounted cash flow

enter image description here

Below is the cash flow table I got. enter image description here Can someone please explain why in that example it'd assume same amount of discounted cash flow from column 6-10? I'm able to match with the example under Part I. So i want to make sure I didn't overlook anything when it comes to multi-period payment cycle (semi-annual in this case).


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It's difficult to see your screenshot. But I think you should just follow some real examples online instead of having people find out what's wrong on your side.

This is an excel example, go play with it. webuser.bus.umich.edu/Organizations/FinanceClub/resources/BootstrappingMath.xls


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