Assume we have the constant growth Gordon model, for a stock paying dividend $D$,Earnings per Share $EPS$, annual growth rate $g=ROE*(1-\frac{D}{EPS})$ and discount rate $r$. Then:

$IV=\frac{D*(1+g)}{r-g}$. In this particular case, we consider that dividends are being paid 1 year from now. My though on this:

Assume that last dividend was paid yesterday, annual payments. Then today: $IV_0=\frac{D*(1+g)}{r-g}$ Tommorow: $IV_1=IV_0*(1+\frac{r}{365})$ in 2 days, $IV_2=IV_1*(1+\frac{r}{365})$ ...

Is the a better method of estimating daily IV, adjusting to a different discount rate?


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