Sorry another newbie question. For HSBC, from aastocks.com, its "Yield" is 6.052% http://www.aastocks.com/en/stocks/quote/quick-quote.aspx?symbol=00005

From Yahoo, its "Dividend Yield" is 4.76% https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/0005.HK/

What's this Yield from aastocks? How is it calc? I assume from Yahoo div yield is simply dividend trailing last 12 months divided by share price?

  • $\begingroup$ i get a feeling whether "Div Yield" in local vs USD shouldnt matter - if you calc Div Yield in USD, then both Dividend and Share price should be in used. If you calc in local ccy, both Dividend and Share price should be in local ccy. "Dividend Yield" should be the same if you're consistent. $\endgroup$ – user3761555 Feb 12 at 1:19

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