I just started using Interactive Brokers because of their API. I'm using the IBrokers package in R. I've managed to get data for S&P 500 and other indices but now I want data for S&P 500 after hours.
Investing.com shows data for S&P 500 after hours (S&P 500 futures). How can I get this data by using Interactive brokers API?


I just tried this without success. I only get data for regular trading hours.

spx = reqHistoricalData(tws2, twsIndex(symbol = "SPX", exch = "CBOE"), barSize = "15 mins", duration = "1 M", useRTH = "0")

Am I doing something wrong?

  • $\begingroup$ I would also suggest you to ask this in the [TWS API] discussion group: groups.io/g/twsapi There is a vibrant community there of coders working with several aspects of the Interactive Brokers API. $\endgroup$ – Option7even Feb 15 at 14:30

The function reqHistoricalData has an argument useRTH ("use regular trading hours"). Set useRTH = "0" to get data outside those hours.

This can only work for the futures, not for the index, which is only computed during normal trading hours.

tws <- twsConnect()

contract <- twsContract(local = "ESH9",
                        sectype = "FUT",
                        exch = "GLOBEX",
                        currency = "USD",
                        include_expired = "1",
                        conId = "", symbol = "", primary = "", 
                        expiry = "", strike = "", right = "",
                        multiplier = "", combo_legs_desc = "",
                        comboleg = "", secIdType = "", secId = "")

                  barSize = "15 mins",
                  duration = "1 M",
                  useRTH = "0")

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