I know that you can't have PLN account on IB, the PLN input is exchanged into USD, GBP etc. currency. However I would like to hedge the other currency exposure against PLN, or at least find out how to do it.

Easiest thing would be via FX futures, if I am correct, perhaps through options. I didn't find no FX futures on IB products listing tho, that is why I ask. I found USDPLN FX futures on CME to have 0 open interest thus I assume that there is no liquidity on that pair

So if there is some guy who knows his IB, how would you hedge such position specifically on IB?

Thanks a lot.

  • $\begingroup$ PLNUSD futures don't have 0 open interest cmegroup.com/trading/fx/emerging-market/… $\endgroup$ – Lliane Mar 12 '19 at 9:03
  • $\begingroup$ When you say "you can't have PLN account on IB" do you mean that you can't select PLN as your accounts base currency? I am able to select PLN as base currency. I can also trade PLN vs USD or any other currency I choose. You may want to call IB and better understand how to configure your account. $\endgroup$ – amdopt Mar 12 '19 at 13:59
  • $\begingroup$ Ok ok I see that you can indeed have PLN as a base currency, thank you very much for that information. Can I, however, dare to also ask, where can I find the interest rate that is charged for the other currency loan? Is that the interest rate mentioned here? interactivebrokers.co.uk/en/index.php?f=39726&p=schedule thank you very much $\endgroup$ – Matěj Langr Mar 14 '19 at 10:20

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