In his paper (link), he has the equations:

b1 = k + ƛ - (ρ * σ)

b2 = k + ƛ

k is the rate of mean reversion, ρ is the correlation between the two Wiener processes, σ is vol of vol, what is ƛ?

I have yet to figure out what ƛ is.



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It is on page 329 (which is the third page of the article) and represents the market price of volatility risk. I have copied below from the original article:

enter image description here


That is the "price of volatility risk" (see Page 329)

When volatility can change the "attitude" of investors to these changes becomes important for pricing options. This like/dislike for vol increases is captured in the parameter $\lambda$. In practice vol goes up i.e. $dv$ is positive, in bad economic times, such as recessions, when $dC$ is negative. So $\lambda$ is negative.


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