Hello i am looking for a free real time tick by tick data for training and analyzing and plotting forex charts but i am searching a lot and i couldn't find any good data feed provider
why there is no support or any solution for this problem? is it costly for companies to provide? is it possible to me to gain my needed data directly from the markets?

After a lot of searching i find out maybe it's better to gain my needed data directly from brokers for example sniff the websocket on google chrome ( some binary options brokers use websocket for their web based platforms ) and export that data using javascript, or i decided to write some mql code for metatrader to export tick data and use in other place.

The other problem that i am facing is that if use tick data for example from company 'A' it have some differences in ticks and prices in other company 'B' and can make some problems.

can someone show me a solution or a way or a website that can help me?

thank you all


Perhaps the following free software may serve you well, provided by courtesy of StrategyQuant. Even though it has not got the whole stock Universe at least it might get you started!

Quant Data Manager - Strategy Quant

  • $\begingroup$ thank you dear but as i said i need real time tick data api or streaming socket but this program just download historical data $\endgroup$ – amin msh Sep 1 '19 at 16:56

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