I'm collecting stock data for private analysis. I found a very excessive list of stock at https://www.xetra.com/xetra-de/instrumente/alle-handelbaren-instrumente/boersefrankfurt

but the problem is that they are uniquely identified by their ISIN, as it's at my location, Germany, rather common. But when requesting the data from yahoo finance their ticker symbol is needed to build the URL, however when you enter the ISIN in their search field you get the correct output without any struggle.

As of right now im using the url to request the site by html and parse it to get the information.

I'm looking for suggestions to either

  • build a url with an ISIN for yahoofinance(or an equally fast provider)
  • map the ISIN to the relevant ticker symbol
  • any other method to retrieve data from yahoofinance e.g. open-source libs
  • other sources of live trading information, most importantly present prices



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