I'm working on a project for my econometrics class and trying to replicate a few papers relating to Fama-French factor models. I got data from CRSP and Compustat, but I'm a bit unsure how to manipulate it appropriately in R. There's a column for the ticker, one for the date of the observation, and then many more for close price, market cap, cash, etc. etc..

I attached an image of the general format of the data: enter image description here

My questions are:

1) what's the most effective way to organize this so that I can run time series regressions?

2) How should I handle NA values? I don't want to drop entire tickers because they have NAs.

3) I'm also planning to measure company's exposure to their industry (tbd which factors I use). How can I group company's by industry given that I have their SIC IDs? Thanks!


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