I found that for example ISIN have following rules:

Merger and acquisition: Old ISINs for stock become inactive and are replaced by securities with a new ISIN. Bonds only need new ISINs if old ones are exchanged for new ones.

So ISIN could be changed for a company.

I suppose the same rules are for CUSIP/SEDOL (an i right?)

Is there any way to link the new ISIN (CUSIP/SEDOL) with the old one? I mean when some companies were merged, and i have a ISIN of the new company - how can i see which companies the new company consists of (get ISINS(CUSIP/SEDOL) of initial companies)?

The same is for all ISIN (CUSIP/SEDOL) histories? Is it possible to get all ISINs for a company (for all periods)?

  • $\begingroup$ P.S. Could someone tell in which cases CUIP is changed? Is it Name change or it could be changed manually without a reason? $\endgroup$ – kban Dec 10 '19 at 7:33

Your best bet at linking a company across ISIN or CUSIP changes is to go with their legal entity ID (LEI). That said, sometimes you need to actually read through the news to determine if the company is the same or if the company name and legal structure was changed slightly or more.

Note also that CUSIPs do not generally change without reason, but CUSIPs do get reused. A CUSIP is only uniquely identifying within a specified time period.

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