I want to develop a trading bot that trades like a non-professional trader in FX markets.
I wonder if it is possible to think that an average trader trades randomly regardless of the market conditions?
Or is there a behavioral model to model non-professional traders' trading activity?

  • $\begingroup$ This question is too general. You need to define more clearly what you mean by average Joe. There is a difference between 1mm unique (and distinct) average Joe's having a net and average impact, or 1mm of the same average Joe's generating the same net average impact. Otherwise explain what you mean by the difference between professional and non-professional trading activity. $\endgroup$ – Attack68 Mar 2 at 11:09

I don't think that they are trading randomly. You'd need some data to figure out what they tend to do to imitate it.

Or, you can build a repertoire of trades from books or forums and exploit knowledge from psychology to determine how the bot will choose between them.

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