The C++ version of QuantLib has a function called years:

Real years(const &Period p);

I don't see this in QuantLib-Python version 1.18. Is it supposed to be there or was it not SWIGed?


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It is not swigged AFAIK. As a workaround, you can retrieve this information by using p.units() and p.length() that are available (if. p is your period):

For example:

p = ql.Period("1Y3M")
# returns 2 (i.e. ql.Months)
# returns 15

Your function will look something like:

def ql_period_in_years(period):
    units = period.units()
    if units == ql.Days:
        denominator = 365
    elif units == ql.Weeks:
        denominator = 52
    elif units == ql.Months:
        denominator = 12
    return period.length() / denominator

For the example above:

   # returns 1.25

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