I tried manually calculating Bloomberg's historical beta based on the historical spread of SPY and equity price data, but I couldn't get the same result. I read somewhere that Bloomberg's default setting bases beta on two years worth of weekly prices. Couldn't get it to work. Would I have to control for something based on the values of px_last?

I used $\beta = \frac{\mathbf{Cov}_{SPY, Stock}}{\mathbf{Var}_{SPY}}$.

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    $\begingroup$ It depends on which field you are querying, what your terminal default settings are and what overrides you are using (if any). $\endgroup$
    – assylias
    Oct 22 '20 at 8:50
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    $\begingroup$ Not sure what you mean by "spread". Start by matching the historical volatilities (of total returns, including dividends). Ask Bloomberg Support F1 F1 if you're stuck. $\endgroup$ Oct 22 '20 at 11:47

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