Suppose that the spot rate curve (continuously compounded) is 2% for t less than or equal to 9 years, and the forward rate f(9,t) is 7% (continuously compounded) for t > 9 years. Suppose you have an obligation to pay $1,000,000 per year in perpetuity starting 15 years from now. Suppose further that you may invest in a LIBOR floating rate bond (on issue date, with first coupon rate still unfixed) and also in a 50 year zero coupon bond.

After calculating the spot rate curve to t > 9 years, the price of the zero coupon bond, the durations of the zero coupon bond and the floating rate bond, the present value of the obligation, and the Fisher-Weil duration of the obligation, finally calculate the face values of the floating rate bond and the zero coupon bond necessary to immunize your obligation.

What face value must you purchase of the zero coupon bond? (nearest $1)

Attaching the answer and what I have done so far as a picture attachment. Got stuck, please explain. enter image description here


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