Depending on the interval, yahoo finance seems to show different prices on the chart for SWRD.L:

Interval=1d => Final price is ~20 enter image description here

Interval=1h => Final price is ~28 enter image description here

I use the API for some analysis and realized this discrepancy. Is this a feature or a bug? It might be I just use yahoo finance wrongly.


  • $\begingroup$ Opening the first link now shows a jump from 20.41 to 28.51 $\endgroup$
    – Didier L
    Apr 6 '21 at 7:35

It seems to be a bug on Yahoo Finance:

If we take a look at alternative sites such as Bloomberg and State Street they both report a NAV of 28.22 USD as of 1st of April, for the ETF with ticker SWRD.L (as seen on your second picture).

However, as seen on the State Street website, the same asset exist on the London Stock Exchange in GBP (ticker symbol SWLD.L) and the last price is 20.41 GBP (which is depicted in your first picture).

The daily graph as-well as the historical data for SWRD.L (in USD) on Yahoo Finance, is the exact same as the SWLD.L (in GBP). Therefore, it looks like a bug.


This is not an answer. I'm posting it to show a variation where the chart contains prices in both currencies:

1d chart with USD and GBP

enter image description here


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