Say an implied volatility is given by $\sigma_{imp}(T, log(F_T/K))$ and we note the Dupire local volatilty $\sigma_{loc}(T, log(F_T/K))$ with $F_t$ the forward rate and $K$ the strike.

The price of a European call is given by the Black formula : $Black(\sigma_{imp}(T, log(F_T/K)))$

To get the price for the European call using Monte Carlo with the corresponding Dupire local volatility model:

price = 0
For i = 1 to NumberSimulations
    S_u = S_0
    for t = dt to T
        u = t - dt
        $F_u = S_0 * e^{ru}$
        $\sigma= \sigma_{loc}(u, log(F_u/S_u))$
        $S_u = S_u * e^{(r-0.5\sigma^2)dt+\sigma dW_t}$
    price = price + e^{-rT} * (S_u-K)^{+} / NumberSimulations

Implementing this my Monte Carlo price does not match the Black formula price. I am doing something wrong in the simulation?


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