I want to write a little program that will display me a footprint in real time

Basically I have the following data:

data = {"timestamp":"2021-06-25T00:01:00.000Z",

So from all this data I need to get a footprint. It should be noted that I get the data in real time.

What I'm interested in is what such a function could look like:

function FromAskBidDataToFootprintChart (Data data, int timeFrame) {  
// ?
 for (elem in data) {
    //elem.bidSize - example 

Let's assume that all my data is in the database. and I want to get a footprint of 5 minutes. (if anything, I'm talking about the usual type of footprint, also called bid-ask footprint.)

Perhaps you can help me make up an algorithm on pseudocode

I'm not sure, but I might need a tick variable (so that my footprint cluster doesn't look too long in height)


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