I appreciate help in understanding difference between Options exchanges and Equities exchanges, and the domain language used.

Per The Options Clearing Corporation (OCC), I see they have exchanges listed:

  • AMEX
  • BOX
  • CBOE
  • EDGX
  • BATS
  • ARCA
  • NSDQ
  • etc

Comparing this list with equity exchanges and electronic communication network (ECN) I can see:

  • ARCA this is NYSE ARCA (Mic ARCX, Operating Mic XNYS) and is a ECN.
  • NSDQ this is NASDAQ - ALL MARKETS (Mic XNAS, Operating Mic XNAS) and is a Listing Market.
  • EDGX this is CBOE EDGX U.S. EQUITIES EXCHANGE (Mic EDGX, Operating Mic XCBO) and is an ECN.

Are these options markets/ECN physically separate from their equity counterparts (and such calling EDGX an equities exchange is not quite correct as an option is a derivative of an equity)?

Do options, like equities, have a primary listing exchange, and then can trade on either exchange or ECN?

Are there any situations where a company or equity would only be tradable from some ECN as opposed to all?

Where these show the same market names on both, is this the same MIC and Operating MIC (i.e. the same market), or only in name (there is AMEX options MIC, and AMEX equities MIC)?

The list of equity markets/ECN on Interactive Brokers is below:

equity markets/ecn

And the options markets/ECN is below:

options markets ecn


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