For pricing a fix vs. float swap in QuantLib Python two YieldTermStructure Objects are necessary: one for forward rate estimation connected to a FloatingRateIndex Object, and one for discounting the cash flows.

import QuantLib as ql

print (ql.__version__) # 1.24

refDate = ql.Date(19,5,2021)

dscTS = ql.ZeroCurve([refDate + x for x in [1, 365, 3650]], [0.01, 0.02, 0.03], ql.Actual365Fixed(), ql.NullCalendar(), ql.Linear())
fwdTS = ql.ZeroCurve([refDate + x for x in [1, 365, 3650]], [0.015, 0.025, 0.035], ql.Actual365Fixed(), ql.NullCalendar(), ql.Linear())

print (type(fwdTS))   # <class 'QuantLib.QuantLib.ZeroCurve'>
print (fwdTS.nodes()) # ((Date(20,5,2021), 0.015), (Date(19,5,2022), 0.025), (Date(17,5,2031), 0.035))

swap = ql.MakeVanillaSwap(ql.Period('2Y'), ql.Euribor6M(ql.RelinkableYieldTermStructureHandle(fwdTS)),
                          0.02, ql.Period('0D'), discountingTermStructure=ql.RelinkableYieldTermStructureHandle(dscTS))

# retrieve Forward Term Structure 
first_coupon = ql.as_floating_rate_coupon(swap.floatingLeg()[0])
ibor = ql.as_iborindex(first_coupon.index())
fwdTSRetrieved = ibor.forwardingTermStructure().currentLink()

# Question 1: retrieve Discounting Term Structure
dscTSRetrieved = ??

# Question 2: getting the nodes from the retrieved Term Structure
print (type(fwdTSRetrieved))    # <class 'QuantLib.QuantLib.YieldTermStructure'>
print (fwdTSRetrieved.nodes())  # AttributeError: 'YieldTermStructure' has no attribute 'nodes'

Question 1: The forward term structure can be retrieved. Is there also a way to retrieve the discounting term structure?

Question 2: With the term structure object retrieved, is there a way (similar to what is described here) to cast the YieldTermStructure Object in order to use the nodes() method?


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