I read on https://www.reuters.com/markets/europe/russia-etf-draws-meme-stock-like-trading-frenzy-2022-03-02/ (mirror):

The ETF's tumble has been a boon for bearish investors. RSX shorts are up $299 million in year-to-date mark-to-market profits, according to financial analytics firm S3 Partners.

How do financial analytics firms estimate the earnings from short sellers on an ETF or stock?

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    $\begingroup$ Probably just the product of the price change since December 31 times some estimate of the number of shares short during this period. So not very precise ... $\endgroup$
    – nbbo2
    Commented Mar 3, 2022 at 15:40
  • $\begingroup$ Thanks, got it, makes sense. $\endgroup$ Commented Feb 11, 2023 at 1:50


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