I am doing a project where we have to provide a data and analytics for the following two scenarios:

Scenario 1. Lending a money at a fixed rate for an unsecured purchase, Scenario 2. Lending a money at a floating rate for an secured purchase.

I have identified the following financing risks: Scenario 1. Default risk of the individual Scenario 2. Interest rate risk, borrower default risk

I have identified the following collateral risks: Scenario 1. none Scenario 2. Housing market crash, property damage

Also, I have identified the following volatility and correlation challenges: Scenario 1. Volatility: Interest rate fluctuations affecting repayment costs and profitability. Correlation: none Scenario 2. Volatility: Housing market volatility impacting property value and loan performance. Correlation: between interest rates and borrowers ability to repay

But I don't know how to collect a proper data from online to make an analysis on Python? I have learned to import a data from online websites like Yahoo to Python, but I have no idea which data can help me to make a decision. The only data that come into my mind is a interest rates set be a central bank.