According to this link I try to get intraday data of SAP listed at Xetra.

Intraday data with timestep of 1 second would be great. I do not understand parts of the command, I try


Now, first thing I ask myself: Why is there a date column (COLUMNS=DATE,CLOSE,HIGH,LOW,OPEN)? I mean, since this is intraday data of 5 days, there should be more rows per day than just one?

How can I get intraday data of SAP at Xetra of the last 10 years with this command?

  • $\begingroup$ is this time delayed? $\endgroup$
    – vzn
    Aug 7, 2014 at 0:51

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The data is numbered by order in the date column. Its not a real timestamp, to find the actual time, you need to look at the header, where the exact time where the data starts is noted.

For 1 second intervals, change the i-flag in the URL to 1, like here:


I also removed the period-flag (p) which was previously limiting the request to the last five days. This should provide you with all data thats available on a one second interval, but if you play around with the p-flag a little, you may be able to find more. Alternatively try to mess with the ts-flag, which would supply a start date.


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