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Replication of variance swap using vanilla option under black and scholes model with nonzero risk-free rate and nonzero dividend [duplicate]

I didn't find the formula for the following portfolio (variance swap replication) with nonzero risk-free rate and nonzero dividend under black and scholes model : I found formula and proof only with ...
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Carr-Madan Formula

Really new to financial Maths. I am currently having problems with the Carr-Madan Formula. $$f(S_T)=f(F_t) + f'(F_t) (S_T - F_t) + \int_0^{F_t} f''(K) (K-S_T)^+ \ d K + \int_{F_t}^{\infty} f''(K)...
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Forward implied volatility

Can one price accurately by only using vanilla options a derivative that is exposed/sensitive mainly to the forward volatility ? If it is impossible, why do we hear sometimes "being long a long ...
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Why is a variance swap long skew?

I can appreciate the mathematical derivation, but can anyone explain this in a more intuitive sense? I often come across the mistaken belief that due to the replicating portfolio being long more ...
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Construction of VIX and VVIX

I just read the CBOE's Whitepapers for VIX and VVIX and notice that they are constructed in the same way, i.e. a range of calls and puts on the respective underlyings (S&P500 in case of VIX, and ...
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Intuition for the Effect of Vol of Vol in Heston Model on Volatility Surface

I was hoping someone could describe the economic/mathematical intuition behind the effect that the vol of vol parameter has on the volatility surface, in particular the slope to maturity. Take for ...
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How to hedge a derivative that pays the reciprocal of the stock price?

1) Suppose S is the stock price, how to hedge a derivative that pays $1/S_t$ at time $t$? 2) Suppose there will be a dividend of amount $d$ between $t$ and $T$, how to hedge a derivative that pays $...
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How would you price an option with payout ln(St) where St is the stock price at time t

I know it has to be done through martingales, but I am not fully sure how to do this BSM pricing.
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How to approximate the Carr-Madan decomposition formula?

I have came across the excellent answer. I'm looking for a dicrete approximation of the Carr-Madan decomposition formula of the function $f(F_T)$ of the terminal futures price by taking a static ...
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Carr-Madan european contingent claim payoff decomposition formula - application

Looking for some clarification to the values of the parameters used in the Carr-Madan payoff decomposition formula. $$f(S_T)=f(\kappa) + f'(\kappa) (S_T - \kappa) + \int_0^{\kappa} f''(K) (K-S_T)^+ ...
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Deriving the VIX formula

I am having trouble filling in a few steps in the derivation. From Martin (2017), we get the following assumptions: Constant continuously compounded rate $r$; The underlying doesn't pay dividens; ...
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Variance swap "fast" models

As far as I understand, Variance Swap (VS for short) function as follows : no payment when entering the contract at maturity the VS buyer pays a strike $K^2$ and is paid (by the VS seller) the ...
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