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Why does Yahoo finance give wrong data? [duplicate]

I'm using yahoo finance to download data for a ticker called ISF.L (it's a London based etf tracking the ftse 100). Url :
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Error in Yahoo! adjusted prices - The case of AAPL [duplicate]

One of my students reported that return for AAPL between April 30, 2014 and June 30, 2014 was different than what was shown in my class notes which were prepared in early 2016. I investigated the ...
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Big differences in Yahoo data contra Euronext, why? [duplicate]

Downloaded all historical data for Oslo Stock Exchange from Yahoo Finance (yfinance), and picked a random stock to check if the data corresponds with what I see on different newssites. If I look at ...
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Daily returns using adjusted close

I want to chart the daily returns of a stock, and I'm using Yahoo finance data to download historic data. I was told to use Adjusted Close, but there seems to be an issue with this. For ANTO.L, you ...
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Difference between google finance and yahoo finance?

I am wondering about the huge differences of the data provider google finance and yahoo finance. I am interested in the monthly data from adidas listed on xetra. In google: ETR:ADS and in yahoo ...
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Scanning a stock database for errors/flaws

I'm currently working on some matlab code that is supposed to check a stock database for any errors (missing values, wrong values, etc.). The reason for this is that after reading this post I came to ...
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YFinance incoherent daily and hourly values

I'm comparing daily and hourly values extracted from YFinance in Python. I'm expecting the open value of the first hour of the market to be equal to the daily open value of the corresponding day, and ...
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Aren't Technical Indicators calculated on Adjusted Close Price?

I would assume that day to day movement in stock can be accurately compared with the Adjusted Close Price and not simply the Close Price, taking into account Stock Splits Dividends etc. http://www....
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What was the lowest traded price of Paladin Energy on 2020.03.23? Every source disagrees, then it gets even weirder

I am looking at the stock PDN (Paladin Energy) on ASX (Australia Stock Exchange), and I am trying to determine the lowest price traded on the date 2020.03.23 (YYYY.MM.DD). Should not be such a ...
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adjusted close prices on SP500

When I look at the adjusted close prices of SP500, for example, I notice that the numbers are always significantly below the actual closing. In the explanation of what adjusted prices are, one gets ...
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