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Volatility-Based Envelopes

I am following an article by Mohamed Elsaiid (MFTA) about Volatility-Based Envelopes - a quite new technical indicator he has introduced, that is being used by Bloomberg. My goal is to get a simple ...
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How to backtest algorithms in parallel?

I want to backtest a large number of algorithms on the same dataset, one stock ticker. The algorithms are actually variations of one algorithm with various combinations of parameters, amounting to ...
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Efficient construction of binomial tree

The goal is to build a $n$ step binomial tree knowing the end nodal probabibilities $p_1, \dots, p_m$, which correspond to the time $T$ states $S_1, \dots, S_m$. We assume that all paths ending in the ...
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Calibration of $\rho$ in the heston model

When calibrating the Heston model, the gradient of the price of the call/cost function wrt $\rho$ (correlation between $S$ and $V$), is a lot less than the other parameters like $v_0$ and $\bar{v}$. ...
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Has there been studies done on changes in model performance post-crisis?

My question is, has there been done any studies on whether the efficiency and accuracy of pricing and risk-management of derivatives using different models and algorithms has changed after the ...
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CFD broker spread as indicator for stock market

Retail trader on stock market has very limited ability to accomodate huge amount of information, it leds me to idea of using behavioir of more informed players - CFD brokers - spread of their CFD ...
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Adjoint Algorithmic Differentiation: swap pricing

I have tried to implement an AAD routine to price call options using the Black-Scholes formula, but my greeks are not quite agreeing with the expected ones, so I have decided to start with something a ...
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What are appropriate algorithms for forecasting contract schedules to maximize profit?

Imagine a situation where a business negotiates contracts for the maintenance of widgets it sells. Situation Customer buys 20 widgets. Customer negotiates contract for widgets to be serviced/...
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Multi-objective optimization: Where to find qualified examples for portfolio management?

I am looking for qualified examples of multi-objective optimization applied to a portfolio management situation in non-normal markets. Where can I find one or more examples of such a multi-objective ...
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How do I determine what is a separate objective in a multi-objective portfolio optimization?

Is there a general rule to determining when to separate objectives when developing a multi-objective portfolio optimization? For example, one might start with a standard portfolio optimization of ...
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What is the algorithm for the Fama-Bliss instrument selection?

Fama-Bliss discount bonds are defined through a straight forward calculation (Famma, Bliss 1987). For the purposes of a project I need to derive forward rates, yields &c. for periods not included ...
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Approaches to check/validate the output of an optimization algorithm

Let's say we want to optimize the a function $f(x_1,\dots, x_n)$ with $(x_1, \dots , x_n) \in \mathbb{D}^n$. For the sake of simplicity let $\mathbb{D}^n$ be the unit sphere. We chose an optimization ...
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Automatic detection of technical patterns such as Head and Shoulder, Flag, Wedge or Double Top

To my understanding, Ta-Lib does not detect technical patterns such as Head and Shoulder, Flag, Wedge or Double Top. Is there any automatic way to detect such technical patterns?
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Profit optimal algorithm for market clearing

There is a well known offline profit optimal algorithm for market clearing (matching buy-bids with sell-bids, visit for more details) which is based on bipartite weighted matching. This algorithm ...
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Configuration of control parameters tol and delta in the rsolnp package

I am working with the rugarch package which includes a solver.control argument. I am using the solnp solver. I can pass values for tol and delta. In the rsolnp the authors suggest that the control ...
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