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Artificial Intelligence is a very generic term. In the context of financial markets Machine Learning (ML) or statistical learning is probably more accurate. ML is about estimating a model using data; such that one does not know in advance the model that generated the observed data.

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What are some factually incorrect quantitative finance answers generated by AI?

One question and AI-generated response per answer. Community wiki flag and an explanation of why the AI response is wrong are encouraged. The AI program can optionally be identified. Including the ...
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Machine Learning approach for the probability estimation of certain events

I am planning a research project on estimating the probability of corporate takeovers. I think that different variables could be indicators to predict takeover bids. For example, price increases in ...
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Choosing best expressions from all possible combinations on variables, unary operators and binary operators along with hyper parameters

I have a few financial variables of a stock universe like OHLC prices, volume, and other fundamentals with varying time-frequency. Using this set I'm creating an expression that gives the weights to ...
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Howto Calculate An Error's Partial Derivative in ANN

This is a follow-on question from this post I made, "Multilayer Perceptron (Neural Network) for Time Series Prediction", a few months back. I'm constructing a feed-forward artificial neural network, ...
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Multilayer Perceptron (Neural Network) for Time Series Prediction

I have it in mind to build a Multilayer Perceptron for predicting financial time series. I understand the algorithm concepts (linear combiner, activation function, etc). But while trying to build the ...
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