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How to generate a random price series with a specified range and correlation with an actual price?

I want to generate a mock price series. I want it to be within a certain range and have a defined correlation with the original price series. If I choose, say, oil, I want as many time series which ...
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2 answers

Fama-Macbeth second step confusion

I am confused on how to run the second step of the Fama Macbeth (1973) two step procedure. I have monthly stock returns and monthly Fama-French factors, for around 10,000 stocks. This creates an ...
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4 answers

Is CAPM a cross sectional or time series model?

Given that CAPM is an equilibrium model, it prices the assets in absolute terms. Asset pricing studies use CAPM/ICAPM/CCAPM in a cross-sectional framework i.e. stocks with higher betas will have ...
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Why aren't the Fama-French 3 factors orthogonal to each other?

I am confused whether the factors in a multi-factor model should be orthogonal or not. Google searches do not give a well documented answer and I couldn't find one in our library's limited catalog ...
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1 answer

Interpreting the coefficients of Fama-MacBeth regression

According to Fama & MacBeth (1973) two-step regression, you start with estimating the beta factors. When applying the Fama-French 3-Factor model, you first run the linear regression $$r_{i,t}=α_i+...
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Fama Mac-Beth (1973) vs Fixed effect

Currently testing if monthly fund characteristics (size, capital flows, age, risk, persistence,...) explain funds abnormal returns. My data is set as a panel with 1000 equity mutual funds over the ...
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1 answer

What are the empirical limitations to testing market efficiency?

I have encountered a rather elegant argument about the limitations of empirically testing for market efficiency, involving the central point that we do not know whether a result is due to the "true ...
10 votes
3 answers

What's the meaning of the intercept in asset pricing model?

I would like to understand the role of alpha (intercept) in the regression-based asset pricing model or $n$-factor models; one of the most famous of those one is the Fama-French 3-factor model. ...
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How to hedge a derivative that pays the reciprocal of the stock price?

1) Suppose S is the stock price, how to hedge a derivative that pays $1/S_t$ at time $t$? 2) Suppose there will be a dividend of amount $d$ between $t$ and $T$, how to hedge a derivative that pays $...
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How to price a phoenix and snowball type autocallable options?

I'm currently studying the pricing of autocallable options, especially snowball (accumalated coupon) and phoenix (accumlated coupon, but the coupon may also be autocalled if the underlying price ...
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Is This A Viable Alternative Options Pricing Method?

i'm currently a high school student who hasn't gone past Algebra II, and thus I have minimal Calculus knowledge. I know the basics of Integration and Derivation (drop the coefficient, raise to the ...
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What is the Most Efficient Way to Calculate the Internal Rate of Return IRR?

I have built a program that prices financial assets and it does this in part by calculating the IRR. The problem is that it does not run as quickly as I would like it to. I currently use the Newton-...
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1 answer

Rsquared in Fama Macbeth using rolling window

I am trying to do Fama Macbeth regression on some tradable factors using 5-year rolling window updated monthly. However, I am a little bit confused when calculating the final R-squared of the model. I ...
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Formula for conditional expectation. Related to the Fundamental Theorems of Asset Pricing

Let $\lambda$ be a probability measure on $\Omega$ (finite), with filtration $\{\mathcal{F}_t\}$. Define $\nu(X) = \lambda\left(X\frac{d\nu}{d\lambda}\right)$, where $\frac{d\nu}{d\lambda}$ is a ...
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Recommended Literature for creating Factor Mimicking Portfolios

Is there a textbook that contains the basics for creating Factor Mimicking Portfolios? Although there is a lot of peer-reviewed literature on this, I cannot find textbooks on Asset Pricing that ...