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Cryptocurrency perpetual futures shorting mechanism

I am trying to understand shorts in a perpetual futures market. Let's consider a market of ETH/USDC, trading at 1000 USDC. When user A shorts 1 perp (assuming no leverage) they pay 1000 USDC, the ...
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How are asset backed cryptocurrencies priced?

I am trying to understand the pricing of crypto currencies. Assuming there is a fictional cryptocurrency that is pegged (say) the Chinese Renminbi and the price of Wheat (the relation being the ...
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Blockchain real life applications

I am looking for real life applications of blockchain technology. Bitcoins are obvious, however, I am looking for something different. For example one of the banks in Poland implemented blockchain for ...
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Liqudity and Blockchains: How does settlement time affect real trading?

I am not sure, whether this question is on-topic here, but it is microstructure related, is of concern to practitioners and addresses a question which is often debated in academia. When it comes to ...
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Application of time series analysis to Bitcoin prices [closed]

Various exchanges allow for the trading of Bitcoins. The price of Bitcoin was very volatile since the inception of the system, today it is 391.76 USD: I wonder whether time series analysis tools from ...
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