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Pricing Treasury futures

I've recently learned that at the delivery of Treasury futures the short side can decide which of the $n$ Treasury bonds (with relevant maturities) to deliver. If the short side chooses to deliver the ...
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What are some of the best textbooks on Fixed Income securities?

I'm looking for something that might be considered the 'Bible' of fixed income. Ideally it would contain everything from the basics of PV and discounting cash flows all the way up to some of the most ...
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Conversion factor for bonds

Hull defines the conversion factor for a bond as the "quoted price the bond would have per dollar of principal on the first day of the delivery month on the assumption that the interest rate for all ...
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Modified duration of treasury futures tracking CTD?

If I know TYU7 contract's CTD is T 2.500 05/15/2024 with modified duration of 6.37. I know futures DV01 is calculated by taking the CTD's DV01 divided by conversion factor as shown here. What is the ...
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How to compute the yield on the Ultra-Bond Treasury Futures

I am trying to compute the yield on the Ultra-Bond Treasury Futures which is roughly 172.2187. Heres the description of the contract: U.S. Treasury bonds with remaining term to maturity of not ...
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What is an estimated rise in the interest rate of the 10-year Treasury in this scenario?

Suppose that the Federal Reserve had raised interest rate by 0.25% last week 17Sep2015. What is an estimated rise in the interest rise of the 10-year Treasury? Which futures contract should one use to ...
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