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Most questions about books are off topic. Please see past questions and read the FAQ before posting with this tag.

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96 votes
4 answers

What are the quantitative finance books that we should all have in our shelves?

Which books/papers should we all have in our shelves? There are a couple that I use regularly such as: An Introduction to Financial Option Valuation: Mathematics, Stochastics and Computation Asset ...
26 votes
8 answers

What are some good technical and non-technical books for a math lover to get in to quantitative analysis?

To get the ball rolling... I will answer this question this evening For people aware & unaware I think it would be a great way to introduce the group, resources for fundamental knowledge & ...
45 votes
8 answers

Recommendations for books to understand the math in quantitative finance papers?

Can anyone recommend books that explain the math used in quantitative finance academic papers?
30 votes
7 answers

Book on market microstructure

Can I get some recommendations for a book on market microstructure? I'm not looking for some author's questionable methods for trading, I'm just looking for a book that provides me with facts about ...
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20 votes
7 answers

Looking for a recommendation for a real life volatily trading book.

Recently I started working in an algotrading company as a programmer. After I studied that subject a little in the university and read a book or two in that field I gained a little knowledge in that ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Pre-requisite math books, to the pre-requisite math needed to become a front desk quant

This question is about the pre-requisites to the pre-requisite math needed to become a front desk quant. I have done research online and I found that there are a lot of recommended books as a pre-...
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14 votes
2 answers

The greeks: where do they come from?

I’m studying the BSM model and having a look at the greeks. I was reading Derivatives, by Paul Wilmott, and he gives the closed form solutions without making the reader see where these solutions come ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Book recommendation for credit risk management for banking

What is a good beginner book on the topic of Credit Risk management for banking? I am a credit risk systems developer and most of my knowledge is in IT systems and programs that support the credit ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Reading recommendation on using statistical analysis in online fraud prevention [closed]

Can you please recommend good reads on statistical analysis related to online fraud detection and prevention of account abuse?
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