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IR Cap Forward Premium

A well known broker quotes cap/floors as spot premium for ATM straddles but forward premium for the skew, given that the difference between spot premium and forward premium is that the option is not ...
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Which expiry interpolation method for caplet/floorlet surfaces?

I want to bootstrap an (implied volatility) caplet/floorlet surface from quoted cap/floor volatilities on a fixed strike grid. I'm thinking about either using a left-continuous or a linear ...
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ATM cap prices in Vasicek model (Filipovic)

I am trying to replicate the ATM cap prices in table 7.1 (see bottom of this post) from Filipovic's book "Term Structure Models - A Graduate Course" which assume the Vasicek model and uses ...
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Greeks of caps,floors and swaptions

I will have an interview for a junior position as interest rates volatility trader. I would like ask you some questions about greeks of caps floors and swaptions. Are Caps vega positive? Are floors ...
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cap/floor valuation in a hypothetical scenario using monte carlo simulation

How can I do a cap/floor valuation in a hypothetical scenario using monte carlo simulations of some interest rate model? My conditions: (For example) I want to do valuation of a cap option under a ...
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How to price an inflation caplet/floorlet using Bachelier Formula?

I am trying to recalculate the prices of inflation cap in order to calibrate a SABR model. I have this table which gives me the normal volatilities values in % for the different strikes and different ...
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LIBOR-in-arrears swap

Let's say we have a situation where all 12-month LIBOR forward rates at 8% per annum with annual compounding. All cap volatilities are 16%. Estimates the difference between the way a sophisticated ...
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Is the implied volatility different for forward starting caps?

Suppose we know (from looking at an available volatility surface) the implied volatility (flat volatility) of a cap with a maturity of 10 years and strike of 1%. This would correspond to a cap that's ...
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