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Complex event processing (CEP) consists of high-speed processing of many events across all the layers of an organization.

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What new technologies are HFT or sell-side algo firms using along-side or within CEP engines/platforms?

For institutional-level deployment (PTF or sell-side algo market making), what new technologies are firms currently using along-side or within CEP engines/platforms to build and generate signals? ...
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7 votes
5 answers

Please advise on the choice of an automated trading framework

I'd like to start automating my trading strategies. I'm not looking for a fast and easy solution, therefore the programming language is not important for me, I am ready to spend an extra year to ...
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16 votes
2 answers

Drawbacks & Caveats of using (N)Esper for ESP/CEP in trading systems?

Esper and its .NET port NEsper are components that enable Complex Event Processing (CEP) and Event Stream Processing (ESP) engines. They are especially suitable for trading applications. They can, ...
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Which CEP platform is most popular for trading systems? [closed]

I heard that trading firms employ CEP platforms such as StreamBase, Marketcetera, JBoss Drools, and etc., to implement trading systems. I wonder which one is most popular and the recent trend of ...
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