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Cholesky decomposition reduces volatility of simulated Wiener Process / Brownian Motions

I am trying to simulate $n$ correlated geometric brownian motions (GBM) given a specified correlation matrix $\Sigma$ by following this procedure which uses Cholesky decomposition. However, when I ...
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GBM drift when simulating correlation betwenn GBM with Cholesky Decomposition

I am currently trying to simulate correlated GBM paths and I found the Cholesky Composition for it. From my understanding, the Cholesky Decomposition can be used to create correlated random variables ...
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Correlation between brownian motions and Cholesky decomposition [closed]

I know it is a pretty basic question (I'm new at Quantitative Finance), but what's the logic behind the Brownian Motions correlation? The expression is: Where is this formula coming from? On the ...
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Correlated Wiener Process

I am in trouble with a task: I have a portfolio of 5 assets, and I Have the correlation among them, with a 5x5 matrix. Since each asset follows the BS formula: , I need to perform a montecarlo ...
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Cholesky correlation

I have historic time series for spot and futures and I want to now simulate future price paths for 1 day to get the distribution and from there compute the value at risk. My question is now since i am ...
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Getting sets of random correlated variables

For the training of a machine learning model I need to add additional features (macro variables), and these features are correlated. I need to run the model N times, and for each time I have to add ...
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Monte Carlo - Multivariate Simulation of Returns

I am implementing a Monte Carlo simulation in R to generate multivariate correlated returns. In doing this I have used the Cholesky decomposition, applied to the covariance matrix. However, I saw that ...
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Expectation and Cholesky Decomposition

Assume that the random vector $(X,Y)$ is (bivariate) normally distributed. Show that $$ \Bbb E[X|Y=y]= \Bbb E[X]+ \frac {Cov[X,Y]}{Var[Y]}(y-\Bbb E[Y])$$ Also, $$ Var[X|Y=y]= (1-\rho^2) Var[X]$$ I ...
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Multivariate normal when Cholesky decomp fails on Sigma

I'm trying to do multivariate distributions of returns on buckets where all the returns are at least 0.6 correlated at a 95% confidence level. I have the buckets, but their Sigmas cannot be decomposed ...
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Adding Asset Weights To Cholesky Output - Monte Carlo in VBA

I am looking to create a Monte Carlo generator in Excel to plot correlated asset paths for a portfolio containing 1 to 10 assets. I have the correlation matrix for all 10 assets and have performed the ...
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Correlated random variables with additional autocorrelation - multi dimensional Cholesky?

For my thesis I'm currently generating several time series of random numbers, so far so good. Now I realized some autocorrelation in the series as well and don't really know how to cope with it. Can I ...
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Cholesky Decomposition on Correlation Matrix for Correlated Asset Paths

I found a matlab example for modelling correlated asset paths: In this model the author uses the matlab code chol() in order to ...
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Does one use the covariance or correlation matrix in cholesky decomposition to generate correlated samples

Can we interchangeably use Cholesky decomposition of covariance and correlation matrix to generate simulations? If not, in which situations do we use one or the other and why? Thanks in advance.
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Correlated Wiener processes of different factors

I'm relatively new in this field, so I have a couple of points that I need to clarify. I would like to know how I can estimate the correlation matrix necessary to implement a Cholesky decomposition ...
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