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What are some robust Contingent Capital Instrument available?

I recently was made aware of the existence of Contingent Capital Instruments like CoCo Bonds. I was wondering if there are other robust options available for Big Banks in this domain?
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What is the meaning of multiplying price of contingent claim with e.g consumption level?

In the textbook Asset Pricing by John Cochrane, on p. 57, a budget constraint of a Lagrange optimization is: $c + \Sigma_s pc(s) c(s) = y + \Sigma_s pc(s) y(s) $ $pc(s)$ is "price today of ...
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How to price, hedge ESG-dependent products?

I read with interest news about Netherlands bank trading several novel products in which a counterparty pays floating cash flows linked to the counterparty's ESG (environment, social, governance) ...
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