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Clustered vs. GMM-based standard errors: which ones to use in asset pricing?

Consider estimating an asset pricing model such as the CAPM or a multifactor model using monthly data. Petersen (2009) section "Asset pricing application" suggests use of standard errors ...
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Estimate covariance matrix using prices

We generally estimate the covariance matrix of assets using their returns instead of prices. Why is that the case? I can think of two possible reasons and would appreciate comments/feedback regarding ...
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Simulating covariance matrices with nonzero correlation

How would you simulate a covariance matrix of 1,000 stocks where each pair has nonzero correlation? I have literally no idea how to start with this. Any suggestions?
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Optimization: Factor model versus asset-by-asset model

In portfolio management one often has to solve problems of the quadratic form $$ w^T \Sigma w + w^T c \rightarrow \min_{\omega} $$ with portfolio weights $w \in \mathbb{R}^N$ a constant $c \in \mathbb{...
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What is the total correlation between assets in a portfolio?

Suppose I have portfolio with 10 assets, each one of them with a weight of 10% from the total portfolio (equally weighted). It's well known how to measure from historical prices->returns a variance-...
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Why does the Markowitz mean-variance model require the assumption of normality?

Given $N$ assets, the Markowitz mean-variance model requires expected returns, expected variances and a $N \times N$ covariance matrix. The joint distribution is fully defined by these measures. ...
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Is there a way using matrix algebra to add portfolios to a covariance matrix of assets?

What I want to do is the following: Let's say I have two assets 1 and 2, and have a 2x2 covariance matrix. Then I have two portfolios A and B made of weights from assets 1 and 2. What I would like to ...
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Interpretation and units of a covariance element in portfolio risk

Given portfolio risk is $\mathbf{w}\boldsymbol{\Sigma}\mathbf{w}$ where $\boldsymbol{\Sigma}$ is the covariance matrix whose diagonal elements $\sigma^2_{n}$ are individual asset return variances and ...
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short-sale constraint with nonpositive-definite matrix in portfolio optimization

I need help about portfolio optimization in R. I have inverted matrix and I want to use it as an input in portfolio optimization. It was non-positive definite before I have handled it. In portfolio ...
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Imposing diagonality of error covariance matrix when the CAPM holds

Assuming that the CAPM holds, the total risk of an asset can be partitioned into systematic risk (associated with the market factor) and idiosyncratic risk. Idiosyncratic risk is asset specific. Does ...
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PCA on term structure of interest rates

Interest rate time series seems to be non-stationary whenever test is performed But covariance or correlation matrix is derived from term structure time series which are non stationary and later PCA ...
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