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How to analyse success of trades by time of day, day of week, duration from the output of an MT5 Expert Advisor

I have the output of an MT5 EA in csv format. I want to analyse the output to identify best time of day, day of week, duration, buy or sell, consecutive wins and losses. Ideally I would like to use a ...
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How to add Ticker column to Quandl API call?

I was curious how I would get this same data, but also with a column with a ticker column (e.g. FB)?
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Sharpe Ratio of ETFs in R

Suppose I want to calculate the Sharpe ratio given a risk free rate of 0.05 for a portfolio consisting of assets from 500 ETFs. How can I do so in R given the data I've collected thus far in my R code?...
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Quantopian's fetch_csv()

The description of an argument of Quantopian's fetch_csv() function is the following: A well-formed http or https url pointing to a CSV file that has a header, a date column, and a symbol column (...
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Downloaded CSV from Yahoo different than the same data when displayed on page?

Not sure, if this has already been asked or if I'm just overlooking a simple switch (such as for dividends or splits or something), so I'd like to ask for help: I'm very aware of the fact that there ...
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Yahoo finance, interactive chart and historical prices are different

I am very new to the stocks. I checked the TNTE.AS stock on Yahoo Finance website. Here it provides "Interactive Chart" and "Historical Prices". But I found they are showing different values. For ...
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Forex Fundamental Data Sources [duplicate]

What are the best sources to find free Forex historical Fundamental Data in a .csv format?
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Downloading Quotes in CSV format from Yahoo Finance - Beta symbol?

By using am able to download a CSV file, does anyone know what the symbol for beta is? It should go after <...
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