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Algorithm to fit AR(1)/GARCH(1,1) model of log-returns

I am fitting numerically an AR(1)/GARCH(1,1) process to index and stock log-returns, $r_t=\log(P_t/P_{t-1})$, where $P_t$ is the price at time $t$, and thus far am not clear on where the observed log ...
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2 answers

Fitting Function for Skew

I am faced with having to fit skew/smile to option quotes with different strike and same maturity. In order to keep things reasonably simple and to avoid potential artifacts from fitting higher order ...
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Building a Nelson-Siegel curve

I originally posted this on Mathematics, but was told my question is better suited here. I want to graph a yield curve with an extended version of the Nelson-Siegel-Svensson. I have the issue date, ...
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Can Call and Put Vega be different (for the same strike)

I'm calculating the volatility of an options market (description of market below) by fitting 2 functions: 1. fitting the on book call prices 2. fitting the on book put prices And I'm getting a ...
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