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A structured collection of data, with meta-data describing is content and meaning. Also for database management systems (DBMS) which are software products for managing and manipulating that data.

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What are some standard software stacks for financial data collection, storage and visualization?

I'm looking for the fastest way to get up-and-running collecting time-series data (mainly through scraping and through 3rd party APIs), storing it and visualizing it on a dashboard with graphs. I'd ...
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Historical Credit Ratings for companies

I am looking forward to get my master thesis done. I have acces to Thomson Reuters Eikon. Unfortunately, they do not provide a good database with historical credit ratings - at least it is not ...
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fetch from yahoo! finance database - varying number of ticks

To test a model with real-life data, I used the fetch-function in matlab to connect to the database of yahoo! finance. My code to try and get 7 different assets' returns is the following: ...
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Where to find Investment home bias data & Historical country weight in World MSCI

I need the following data and struggles to find it, maybe some of you can help me. Note: I'm a student and in our university ain't Bloomberg nor Reuters. Investment home bias, e.g in 2012 US ...
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Are there any best practices for designing high frequency trading systems?

I spent some time trying to design some parts of the system, going over the information I found. At the top-level, the system looks like this A "real-time" module that receives market data, ...
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Which Times Series Database framework for Python is best for portfolio optimization project?

I am starting to build a portfolio optimization algorithm in Python and want to structure a database to manipulate financial data. Although I have Python experience, I have never used SQL or such ...
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From SEC Comprehensive Data Set to Clean Balance Sheets/Income Statements

I am looking for advice on how to smartly get from unstructured financial data to a clean summary of balance sheets. I think of this not as a coding problem but of a question how to approach the task -...
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Analyst Calls Conference Transcript Database/API

Do you know any conference call transcript database/api ? I already found one from Morningstar. Thank you.
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How to handle database updates for splits/dividends?

I'm finding it an difficult task to maintain a database of stock prices. My main problem is how to efficiently handle splits and dividends. Is it better to handle this in a database with adjusted ...
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Any databases with CEO letters and shareholder letters?

I am researching disclosures on CEO letters and Shareholder letters present in annual reports of listed companies in the London Stock Exchange. Can someone recommend a database where the annual ...
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Time series data for probability of default (or credit ratings)

I'm currently investigating potential correlations among ESG ratings and credit ratings; more in particular, i'm trying to understand whether such correlation evolved during the last 20 (?) years, and ...
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Why do researchers exclude firms with total asset less than £1 million?

Chaney, Jeter, and Shivakumar (2004, page 58) exclude firms with less than 1 million pound in total assets Further, we exclude firms with less than £1 million in total assets I am wondering why they ...
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Where to find historical fundamental data of S&P constituents in Thomson Reuters database?

I need data such as Net Income, ROA, ROE, etc. for companies in S&P 500 Index. I would like to see the values also for other years, e.g., since 2010. However, when I log-in to Thomson Reuters ...
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