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A dividend is a payment made by a corporation to its shareholders, usually as a distribution of profits.

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Pricing a vanilla call option with a fixed dividend

I have started a finance course few months ago and am looking for a way to compute the price of a 1-year call option with a fixed dividend paid after 6 months. Using Black and Scholes I know how to ...
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Discounting dividends and terminal value in valuation

I am new to finance and valuation in particular. I have a query regarding discounting dividends and terminal value for valuation using dividend discount model. I have created an illustration to help ...
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Handling upcoming corporate actions for equity portfolio

I have an equity statarb strategy developed using CRSP daily data. The strategy is always invested (long or short) in around 400 stocks. The ...
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Where can I download the history of dividends for Nasdaq?

I want to download the annual dividends(regular,special and repurchaces) for all stocks at Nasdaq for 5 years. Does anyone know where can I find it? Thank you
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When valuing a vanilla option on an index, should we take dividend into account?

When valuing a vanilla option on an index (eg FTSE 100), should we take index dividend yield into account? $$ c=Se^{-q\tau}N\left(d_1\right)-Ke^{-r\tau}N\left(d_2\right) $$ $$ d_1=\frac{\ln\left(\...
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Dividend as a function of stock

Let's say I have a stock that pays dividend once a year. I know how much did it pay in 2014, and at which level was stock trading when the dividend decision was made. I'd like to use these data to ...
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Disaggregating stock performance and dividend yield

I modeled the performance of several portfolios with adjusted close data and would now like to understand how much of it is driven by changes in stock price and dividend payouts. I have all the data ...
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How to price lookback american option when its payment is distributed during its life

I would like to price a floating strike american lookback with a particular feature: I don't want to charge upfront the client, rather I would like to insert a "running fee", some sort of a dividend. ...
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dividend cash in month [closed]

I like know how much money dividend cash I get. For example I own two shares of the stock dividend cash will be 4.54$ ? ...
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Black Scholes formula with continuous dividend paying stock

I am reading the part of constructing B&S price for stock paying dividends. The simplest model used continuous yield dividend. But I can not see that rigorous in term of formulations. Firstly, ...
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I have some historical options data, and there are duplicates of some options, how to filter them

I have some historical EOD options data for 2013, and there are duplicates listed for same strikes/expirations. I was told that by the provider that this is due to "special one-time cash payout" for ...
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Calculating "Market Index Dividend Yield" of the ASX

In attempts to establish an investment portfolio with a long term horizon, the method of relative dividend yield has caught my attention. I require the Market Index Dividend Yield to proceed. The ...
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Returns adjusted for dividends

In various financial models such as CAPM, Black Scholes, one assumes the returns are adjusted for dividends. As I understand it, the share price often (in a relative sense) increases a bit before the ...
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Option pricing ? Where to get the dividend yield from?

I'm trying to apply Black & Scholes formula for a real example to price a vanilla equity option but I'm strugling a little bit whith the dividend yield. Let's assume I have a stock that trades at ...
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Why would a 9% dividend payment halve the stock price? [closed]

I am trying to understand why a stock experienced a very drastic drop in price. The only event linked to the drop seems to be payment of an unusually big dividend; however its effect on the price ...
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What is the correlation of and Index's dividend yield relative to its constituents?

I would like to know if the dividend yield of and index is correlated with the dividend yields of it's components separately? The purpose of this, is to use the dividend yield of the index as a proxy ...
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Adjusting open, highs and lows for past monthly stock prices?

I'm looking into modelling monthly stock prices and want to start off by using data from Yahoo Finance. I know that the closing prices given there are adjusted for stock splits and dividends, but I'...
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MonteCarlo simulation of stock prices using milstein scheme with dividend yield?

While performing a montecarlo simulation of stock prices using the milstein scheme is it possible to take into account the dividend yield into the simulation itself somehow, if we are given a ...
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Difference between S&P 500 index and S&P 500 Total Return index?

There's the standard S&P 500 index (SPX) and the rarer used S&P 500 Total Return index (SPTR). If you compare graphs, you'll find that the latter grows faster. Supposedly, SPTR assumes ...
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Dividend Index Futures

My question is dealing with the proportionality between Dividend Index Futures prices and Index prices. Indeed, we in the past we used to do a simple regression between these variables and use the ...
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How is the dividend payment calculated when an asset is disposed on the ex date?

Example: ...
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Implied dividend estimation

I am looking at two different ways of estimating the expected / implied dividends from market data. 1. Dividend futures I know that this asset class is not very liquid and might not be ...
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Modelling long run relationship between dividend and earnings

I am working on a paper where I have to model the long run relationship between earnings and dividends. I have downloaded the raw data from shillers website. I have converted the series to log(...
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Risk factors for derivatives on dividends

I consider pricing and risk analysis of derivatives on dividends of the members of equity indices (such as Dow Jones EuroStoxx). There are options but I focus on futures. What are the main risk ...
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Stochastic modelling of derivatives on dividends

I consider pricing and risk analysis of derivatives on dividends of the members of equity indices (such as Dow Jones EuroStoxx). There are options but I focus on futures. What are common stochastic ...
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